is built on the core values of openness, uncomplicated convenience, mutual respect, and efficiency.
We are committed to providing a transparent and inclusive platform where customers can easily access quality products. With mutual respect as our foundation, we foster a positive and collaborative environment, valuing diversity and treating all individuals with dignity. Through our streamlined processes and optimized operations, we ensure efficient and seamless online shopping experiences. Our mission is to combine openness, uncomplicated convenience, mutual respect, and efficiency to revolutionize the online grocery shopping landscape, making it accessible, straightforward, and enjoyable for all.
Who are we?
We are an online grocery store offering home delivery service to customers in serviceable areas within the Sydney region. We distinguish ourselves with the promise of delivering the highest level of customer service, as well as quality products, to our customers.
About the Brand:
To us, YOUME FRESH is an important representation of how much we value you as our customers. We strongly believe that YOU (Customers) are an integral part of ME (Our business), hence the true reflection of our brand is 'with you, with me.' Additionally, in the Chinese language, 有米 is pronounced similarly to YOUME and can be translated as 'with rice,' which carries a metaphorical meaning of prosperity.
Our Values:
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You are our obsession! We value you above everything else!
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Openness: We foster an environment of transparency with our team and our customers.
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Uncomplicated: We provide simple platforms for customers to access quality products.
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Mutual Respect: We value and respect our team and customers.
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Efficiency: We strive to deliver our service to customers efficiently.